the girl behind the gifts


gala tuesday was a nickname given to me by my former Event Marketing Team at Nordstrom based on my love for creating fabulous productions and treating any given tuesday in the office as an opportunity to dress up (a la gala style). I love celebrating life's simplest (or most extravagant) days. 


I have always loved giving to the people I love - it actually brings me so much joy! When I got my first job out of college and was creating a budget spreadsheet with my dad, he would tell me that my gift column did not need to be that hefty at my age. I would always stand my ground because I was passionate about gifting the perfect items for the people in my life. It brought me joy to see their joy and was a form of showing how much I cared and want to celebrate them! Because of my love for gifting and believing that every day brings something to celebrate, I created gala tuesday to share this passion with the world. I am eager to help you celebrate life in the most perfect form for you and your specific needs!