Fictions Hand Cream - Paris

Fictions Hand Cream - Paris


Working with acclaimed artists from Istanbul, Sydney, Los Angeles, London and Paris, fictions beauty was inspired to capture the idea of the scent and story of a woman in love. 

Paris: She Met Him in Secret is an exploration of unauthorized love. This Fictions perfume is classified as a floral chypre fragrance, characterized by a contrast between fresh floral notes and a deep, sensual dry down.

"I was inspired to create the souvenir of a French kiss – a bit forbidden, always romantic.  A mysterious dark iris accord captures the feeling of her perfect black dress and the shadows along the Paris streets. The scent of her cherished lipstick, tucked in a luxurious clutch – sensuous, powdery, leathery – is left on his skin, the memento of a stolen moment.”

- Alexandra Monet


- 2 oz 

- Key ingredients: water, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil

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