Fictions Mini Eau De Parfum - London

Fictions Mini Eau De Parfum - London


Working with acclaimed artists from Istanbul, Sydney, Los Angeles, London and Paris, fictions beauty was inspired to capture the idea of the scent and story of a woman in love. 

London. She Knew He Was For-Ever tells a timeless story of unconditional love. This Fictions perfume is an aromatic floral, characterized by a blend of breezy green and floral notes.

"At the entrance of an English garden, the scent opens with a bright spark of connection, then the promenade continues– a romantic breeze of magnolia and honeysuckle envelops the moment and is enlivened by fresh green tea … finally, the warmth of honey and warm woods expresses the comfort and trust of true love."

- Gino Percontino


- 0.5 oz

- alcohol, fragrance

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